PCT 2.0: The Re-Boot

At the Southern Terminus, Photo credit: Rolling Thunder

Once again, Everett and I have decided to take a walk. A 2650-mile walk on the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border near Campo, California to Manning Park, BC. As many of you know, our attempt last year was foiled by bones falling out of feet and a nasty case of Salmonella that landed me in the excellent care of the doctors and nurses at Huntington Memorial Hospital. So, having more sense of adventure than just plain sense, we thought “let’s do that again!”.
For the second time, we found ourselves enjoying the hospitality of Scout and Frodo, trail angels in San Diego who open their home to thousands of PCT hikers every year. With most of our preparation done, we had a chance to relax and chat with other hikers and trail angels, Peppa and Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder completed the PCT in 2006, another high snow year, and had some valuable insight into the conditions we’ll be facing this year. 
Before we knew it, April 17th had arrived. We were on the road by 6 AM sharp, and by a little after 7 AM, we were standing at the southern terminus of the PCT. We had our photo taken with the monument, signed the register and then turned northward. 
We’ll be updating our blog periodically to keep you all posted on our progress! Wish us luck! 

Still so fresh and so clean at Mile 1

Sunrise start from Mount Laguna

Enjoying the ridge walk before dropping down into the desert

6 thoughts on “PCT 2.0: The Re-Boot

  1. Yay!
    I’ve read three books by through hikers… one being Cheryl Strayed’s well publicized book. It sounds like such an adventure, take care of each other and I hope you have cooperative weather!!!


  2. I am so impressed. Have seen the PCT from the air and always wanted to hike it. Maybe some day. Looking forward to enjoying your adventure by your amazing photos. Have an awesome time!


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