An Unexpected Ending

I know it’s been a long time since our last update so we wanted to let you all know that our journey on a PCT has come to an end. Unfortunately, we have had to end our hike for medical reasons. We are both okay, and will be coming home to Canada soon. 

We are in good spirits and have no regrets about our trip or it’s premature ending. We feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to hike this beautiful trail, and meet wonderful new friends from all over the world. We have endured difficult times – aches, pains, tent failures at 3 AM in 140 km/HR winds, waterless stretches and 7 L water carries, freezing rain and scorching temperatures. We have also had the great privilege to climb mountains, hike through pine forests and fields, witness the desert in bloom, sleep under stars, and wake every morning side-by-side with nothing to do but walk. But most importantly, we have been humbled by the amazing generosity and kindness of strangers: Scout and Frodo, who hosted us in San Diego and drove us (and hundreds of other hikers!) to the trailhead; the folks at the Warner Springs Resource Center, who go out of their way to feed and provide for hikers at their own expense; Carmen who gave us free drinks at her restaurant, just for being hiker trash; Howdy Doody for the leukotape; Travis and Steven, who stopped for us – smelly, dirty bums – on the side of Hwy 2 to take us to the hospital; and so many others. 

So, we aren’t sad that this is the end of our trail. We are thankful to have had this beautiful experience, which has rejuvenated our love of the wild and renewed our faith in humanity. We feel lucky to return home to family, friends, and socialized health care, and we’re excited for our next adventure!

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