Broken Feet. Aces Full of Sevens.

Just a quick update – presently we are resting in a little town called “IdylWild, CA” (which incidentally is the source of the misnomeric Yosemite Decimal System utilized in categorizing walking / hiking / climbing difficulty) nursing what seems to be a stress fracture in Kathryn’s right lateral foot.  Potentially this is a cuboid stress fracture which might keep us off the trail for the next few weeks (in the first few weeks of a stress fracture there is only 10% sensitivity with x-ray to demonstrate the fracture per Dr. Veldman).  Kathryn did injure her foot in a climbing accident a number of years ago – so this potentially could be a re-injury of a ligamentous structure (“an itis of the enthesis”) – however it has persisted over four full days of rest without improving.

We are currently planning for likely 2 weeks off trail to re-consider our options which include:

  1. Snorkeling.
  2. Trail angeling for other hikers for a few weeks.
  3. Driving to Vancouver.
  4. Hiking south from Manning Park in July.

In any case – we think it better to take a few weeks off to make sure she heals well enough to continue.

One thought on “Broken Feet. Aces Full of Sevens.

  1. Hi Everett and Kathryn,

    What a nuisance when one’s body can’t quite keep up with one’s aspirations! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and if that doesn’t happen, any one of your plan Bs sounds like a good alternative.

    Take care.


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